DFI! basic dfi criteria, -12/+20 (current mutuals are fine), force your religions on others, slut-shames, rude, victim blames, only follows for a fb.
BYF! idk how to use emojis properly, i swear a lot, selective fb, i spam people’s message boards. i hold my stans accountable. i'm really awkward :/
NOTE! i listen to lana del rey, but i don't support any of her problematic actions. if i said anything triggering please let me know. my acc is a safe place. if you'll send me alex turner edits and i will love you forever 🖤

YES! daydreaming, fruits, reading, music, films, singing,

NO! math, you hot weather, antis of my interests

LOMLS! june. em. jj. lani. davi. mauri. mari. amber. mint. ela. pluto. sab. ishi. max. aryn. adri. mars. ana. melissa. nicole. violet.


music: blackpink. twice. red velvet. itzy. lana del rey. marina. taylor swift. adele. arctic monkeys. maneskin. abba. steve lacy. pinkpantheress. mother mother. ariana grande.
actors/actresses: nijiro murakami. hoyoen jung. park haesoo. lee jung jae. wi hajoon. angelina jolie. kento yamazaki. sadie sink. millie bobby brown. johnny depp. caleb mclaughlin. tom hiddleston. drew starkey. zendaya. madelyn cline. anya taylor-joy. andrew garfield. etc...

carrd inspo: @lvjnsl on youtube